BMW X5 2007-2013, X6 2008- 2014, AMP vehicles

Upgrade your head unit and retain all key OEM features with our new BMW kits

We’re excited to launch two kits for the BMW X5 (E70) and X6 (E71) that retain all key factory features from the vehicle whilst allowing for a double DIN head unit upgrade.

To provide a link between aftermarket head unit and vehicle, our plug and play interface is installed behind the dashboard to retain a number of key vehicle features such as steering wheel controls, phone buttons, amplified system, warning chimes and parking sensor audio. It also provides CAN-Bus outputs for parking brake trigger, speed pulse, reverse gear and mute.

Our fascia panel completes the installation by surrounding the stereo and maintaining the classic BMW interior aesthetics. The panel is painted in a high-quality matt black finish which retains the factory climate control panel.

X5 2007-2013

X6 2008- 2014

Features & Benefits
• Retains OEM climate controls
• Retains steering wheel control functionality
• Retains phone button functionality
• Retains warning chimes (FKS-BM33 Only)
• Provides outputs for park brake, speed pulse and reverse gear

• Retains fibre optic amplified system (FKS-BM34 Only)
• Finished in black to match vehicle dashboard
• Kit includes universal patch lead and antenna adapter


BMW X5 2007-2013, X6 2008- 2014, AMP vehicles

BMW X5 2007-2013, X6 2008- 2014, AMP vehicles
Artnr: FKS-BM34
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