Camera interface compatible MB NTG6 - 7&10,2 inch

Product information "r.LiNK interface compatible MBUX NTG6 - 7 and 10.25inch"
The r.LiNK interface allows to insert a rear-view camera, a front camera and two different video sources (e.g. USB-player, DVB-T2 tuner, ...) to the factory-infotainment system.

Product features
Video-inserter for factory-infotainment monitors
1 FBAS rear-view camera input
1 FBAS front camera input
2 FBAS video inputs for after-market devices (e.g. DVD-Player, DVD-Tuner)
Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of the reverse gear
Automatic front camera switching after reverse gear for 10 seconds
Activatable parking guide lines for rear-view camera for 7inch monitors (not available for all vehicles)
Video-in-motion (ONLY for connected video-sources)
Video-inputs NTSC compatible


Mercedes Benz A-class (W177) from model year 2018,
Sprinter (W907/910) from model year 2018
Comand Online NTG6 - MBUX wth 7inch or 10.25inch monitor



Video only The interface inserts ONLY video signals into the infotainment. For inserting Audio signals either the possibly existing factory audio-AUX-input or a FM-modulator can be used. If 2 audio sources shall be connected to the infotainment, an additional electronic is necessary to switch them.
Factory rear-view camera Automatically switching-back from inserted video to factory rear-view camera is only possible while the reverse gear is engaged. To delay the switch-back an additional electronic part is required.
After market front camera The front camera will automatically be switched for 10 seconds after disengaging the reverse gear. A manually front camera switching is possible by external keypad.
Video input signal Only NTSC video sources compatible.
Guide lines Available only for vehicles with 7inch monitor, not for 10inch monitor. If the interface does not receive the required information from the vehicle CAN-bus, guide lines won’t be supported.

Camera interface compatible MB NTG6 - 7&10,2 inch

Camera interface compatible MB NTG6 - 7&10,2 inch
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