iSimple Tranzit BLU HF

Product Description

Stream your music directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone through your vehicle’s sound system. The ISFM2351 includes a convenient, low-profile, dash-mountable control button for controling your streaming music, answering calls, and launching your phone’s VR functions. Text, e-mail, call, or get directions without handling your smartphone.

TranzIt BLU HF is engineered to connect to any radio in any vehicle. It features a 3.5mm audio output for connecting into any vehicle’s aux audio input for optimum sound quality, but also has standard motorola style antenna connections which allow for installation into any radio with a standard connector FM antenna, even 12 Volt amplified antenna systems.


TranzIt BLU HF Operational Demo from AAMP of America on Vimeo.


Product Features

Hands-free calling
Wireless audio streaming
Wireless control of music playback with control button
Launch your Phone’s VR function to: Text, E-mail, Get directions
3.5mm audio output for vehicles with aux input
Antenna input and output for universal radio compatibility

iSimple Tranzit BLU HF

iSimple Tranzit BLU HF
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