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MTX Street Audio BT Speaker

Stereo portable wireless speaker
Power : 2x45W Peak - 2x15W RMS
Speakers :
- 2x 60mm wide range
- 2x 70mm passive subwoofers
Inputs :
- Bluetooth
- AUX (3,5mm Jack)
- microSD (mp3, Flac)
I.R. remote control included
Power Bank 4000mA (USB Type A)
Power Supply : 14.4V 2.5A
Aluminum body
Dimensions : 240x80x80mm
Weight : 1080g

Hi-Fi stereo sound thanks to 4 high-quality speakers plus an efficient and powerful amplifier.
The 2 side subwoofers expand the sound stage thanks to their position.

4 speakers including 2 subwoofers for a realistic stereo and bass reproduction.

Exceptional output power : 2x15W RMS for deep bass and breathtaking dynamics.

IR remote control for easy and pleasant sound management.
Bass level adjustable from 0 to +10dB from the remote control.

3 inputs : Bluetooth, microSD and AUX for a wide compatibility.
Bluetooth input with auto-connection : no need to connect each time.
MicroSD playback : Just push play to enjoy your favorite songs stored on the microSD card. You don't need any BT connexion.
MicroSD playback : No wave, no sound drops, no power consumption of the cell phone battery.

MicroSD playback : Compatible with Flac (Maximum song quality) and mp3 tracks (Maximum number of tracks).
MicroSD playback : Alphabetical or random playback available from the remote control.

Fast charging thanks to the powerful power supply. You can also change your cell phone or your tablet thanks to the USB port.
Power Bank to recharge a cell phone or a tablet even when there is no power outlet around.
All-aluminum construction : it is durable, robust, high-end and recyclable.


MTX Street Audio BT Speaker

MTX Street Audio BT Speaker
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