uLinxMAX USB kabel med USB-C 1m/3.3ft

The inside of a car is a surprisingly rough environment for electronic equipment. Cheaply manufactured devices for smartphone music streaming will easily fail due to winter freezes or sweltering summer temperatures. The inside of a car can reach an astounding 172° when it’s only 70° outside.
uLinxMAX USB Cable for USB-C is built to last, designed and engineered to withstand brutal temperatures throughout the year. The cables have been tested for temperatures as low as -40° Fahrenheit, and as high as 176° Fahrenheit. Whether you’re dealing with harsh northern winters or the oppressive heat of Florida summers, this is one USB cable that can handle it.


-1m/3.3’ total length. For smartphone music streaming in the car, you need to be able to set your phone down in a place that makes sense. Short cables force you to put your phone in awkward places. At three feet total in length, uLinxMAX USB Cable with USB-C connector provides much-needed flexibility and convenience.
-Dual layer shielding system. This rejects EM and RF interference, maintaining crystal clear audio quality for music streaming.
-Heavy duty copper. Heavy, high quality copper construction provides optimal power transfer, up to 3 amps.
-Full USB compatibility. Connect to any USB port.
-Outer cable wall thickness: .55 mm/0.02 in
-Total power wire size: 17 AWG
-Total data wire size: 19 AWG

uLinxMAX USB kabel med USB-C 1m/3.3ft

uLinxMAX USB kabel med USB-C 1m/3.3ft
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