Ford with CAN & Resistive Knappar i ratten interface

The CP2-FD52 is designed to retain the steering wheel controls on Ford vehicles with CAN Bus radio.

The CP2-FD52 retains the built-in steering wheel controls in vehicles when replacing the factory radio with an aftermarket radio. It is compatible with today’s most popular Ford vehicles. The simple to use module can be configured in multiple ways, via DIP switches, or direct from a USB connected PC. Wiring and vehicle configuration switch settings are provided through the ControlPRO APP, available for PC, Android and iOS devices. The CP2-FD52 is designed to be easy to use and time saving.

Key Features

  • Steering wheel control retention solution when replacing your factory radio 
    ControlPRO app for set-up 
    DIP switch configuration 
    Nearly 4000 vehicle applications in one product 
    Patch Lead included 
    Compatible with Resistive, CAN-Bus, VAN-Bus K Bus, GMLAN, Class II & LIN-Bus vehicle system types 
    Learning mode for resistive steering controls 
    Tri-colour Status LED 
    Extra-long harness and patch lead to aid installation 
    Configurable and updatable via USB 
    Customisable button functions 
    Provides 2 Amp, 12V ACC output (data vehicle applications)


  • Retains steering wheel controls 
    Easy to install – plug-n-play module 
    Time saving solution 
    Easy product selection & less stock holding


Ford Fiesta B256/7 2005- 2008
Ford Focus C307 2001 2003
Ford Focus C-Max C214 2001 2005
Ford Galaxy CD 340 2001 2005
Ford Kuga C394 2001 2005
Ford Mondeo CD345 1999 2001
Ford S-Max   1999 2005
Ford Transit   2006- 2013

Ford with CAN & Resistive Knappar i ratten interface

Ford with CAN & Resistive Knappar i ratten interface
Artnr: CP2-FD52
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